Discover the Best Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails in Australia: Your Ultimate Guide for 2024!

Discover the Best Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails in Australia: Your Ultimate Guide for 2024!

Are you and your furry friend looking for some adventure and exercise in the great outdoors? Look no further than the best dog-friendly hiking trails in Australia! From lush bushlands to stunning coastal views, Australia offers a variety of hiking trails that you and your pup can enjoy together. 🐶 


We all know that most national parks in Australia are off-limits to our furry pals, but fear not! We've sniffed out some epic trails in other spots where your pooch is more than welcome to join in on the adventure.
Let's take a look at some of the top dog-friendly hikes in each state:


New South Wales (NSW) 

  1. Abraham Bosom Track: This 9km moderate difficulty track offers panoramic ocean views and the chance to explore the shipwrecked S.S. Merimbula. With plenty of spots for playtime in the water, this trail is perfect for beach-loving pups.

  2. Narrabeen Lagoon Bush Trail: This 8.4km return trip is suitable for cycling and offers beautiful scenery, including bushlands, a lake, and abundant birdlife. A great option for those looking for a longer hike with their furry companion.

  3. Clovelly to Maroubra: A relatively easy 7km walk with off-leash spots for your dog to run around. This trail is popular among dog owners and offers beach stops along the way.

  4. Two Creeks Track: A 6.1km moderate difficulty hike featuring rocky waterfalls, grass-filled clearings, and sandstone caves. A perfect spot to explore with your pup on a leash.

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Victoria (VIC) 

  1. McCrae Beach Walk: This 4.18km trail offers a mix of leash and no-leash spots, with lush greenery and scenic beaches along the way. Be prepared for steep inclines and declines on this picturesque walk.

  2. Safety Beach Dog-Friendly Walk: A 7.04km trail that allows for off-leash play in some areas. Enjoy a calm Sunday walk with coastal scenery and the opportunity for your pup to stretch their legs.


Queensland (QLD) 

  1. Earl Hill Conservation Park: Located near Cairns, this 3.38km loop trail is a breeze, taking just over an hour to complete. It's a hit among hikers, offering serene spots during the day for some chill time. Open all year round, it's a dog paradise, with plenty of places for off-leash adventures.

  2. Stevenson Street Trail: Fancy a stroll through a eucalyptus forest? Head to the carpark on Table Top Drive to kick off your journey on Stevenson Street Trail. This path runs alongside the Picnic Point bridle trail in the southeast. And guess what? The end of Stevenson Street Trail leads right into the Road Reserve Trail, so if you and your furry friend are up for it, why not tackle both?

  3. Road Reserve Trail: Following the border between Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley, this trail offers breathtaking views of Table Top Mountain. They're exclusive to this hike, so it's a must-see if you're in Toowoomba.

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South Australia (SA) 

  1. Belair National Park: Nestled in the Adelaide Hills, this park is a dog-friendly haven for mountain hikes. With various trail loops surrounded by woodlands and lakes, there's something for everyone's fitness level. Our top pick is the Lorikeet Loop, boasting leafy trails with gum trees that attract—you guessed it—lorikeets! It's even pram-friendly with an adventure playground, making it ideal for families. For a challenge, give the 4km Microcarpa Hike a go.

  2. Forth Creek Walk, Morialta Conservation Park: Mixing dirt tracks with bitumen roads, this 1.4km trail starts at the picnic area of the First Falls car park. Enjoy lunch before or after your hike and catch sight of three stunning waterfalls. Just remember, your dog is only allowed in the recreation area.

  3. Kuipto Forest: For picture-perfect dog-friendly hiking, look no further than Kuipto Forest. Towering pine trees and lush greenery await, with several trails to explore. The popular Forest Trail, a 2.8km loop, is a hotspot for bikers, horse riders, and more. Keep your furry friend leashed in picnic areas or near wildlife.


Australian Capital Territory (ACT) 

  1. Yarralumla Walk: Looking for a challenge? Yarralumla Walk spans 5.2 km and is wide enough for group outings. The best part? It's loaded with dog-friendly cafes and even has its own dedicated dog park along the route. With amenities tailored for our furry friends, including Westbourne Woods and a spot for a dip in Lake Burley Griffin, it's paw-some!

  2. Watson Walk: If you're after plenty of off-leash spots, Watson Walk is your go-to. This short 2.5 km track is usually nice and quiet, making it perfect for training your pup to walk off-lead. Plus, there are loads of pet-friendly cafes nearby to refuel after your adventure.


Western Australia (WA) 

  1. The Valley Loop Trail, Lesmurdie: Venture into the Lesmurdie area for a fun hike on the Valley Loop Trail. Enjoy breathtaking views of Lesmurdie Falls and spot wildflowers along the way. Don't forget to pack a picnic and relax at the bottom of the falls with a stunning view.

  2. Whistlepipe Gully, Kalamunda: This easy-going walk within Mundy Regional Park follows the Whistlepipe Gully, meandering through the forest while offering views of rapids. Keep in mind that weekends can get busy, so plan your visit for a quieter weekday stroll.

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Northern Territory (NT) 

  1. Nitmiluk National Park: Nitmiluk offers stunning landscapes and gorge walks, some of which may allow dogs on leash. Be sure to check the park's regulations before heading out.

  2. Katherine Gorge: Located within Nitmiluk National Park, Katherine Gorge is renowned for its breathtaking views and hiking opportunities. While pets may not be permitted on all trails, there may be some designated areas where dogs are allowed.

  3. East Point Reserve, Darwin: This coastal reserve in Darwin offers walking trails with scenic views of the ocean and mangrove habitats. It's a popular spot for dog walking, but make sure to keep your furry friend on a leash.

  4. Howard Springs Nature Park: Just outside of Darwin, Howard Springs Nature Park features walking trails through lush bushland and around natural springs. It's a great place for a leisurely stroll with your dog.

  5. Casuarina Coastal Reserve: Another option near Darwin, Casuarina Coastal Reserve boasts beautiful beaches and walking paths. While dogs are generally allowed on leash, be mindful of any specific restrictions in certain areas.

  6. Red Centre: This vast region offers various trails and stunning landscapes, such as those around Alice Springs and Uluru. While not all trails are dog-specific, some areas may allow pets on a leash. Always check local rules before heading out with your dog.

  7. Kakadu National Park: Most trails don't permit dogs due to wildlife preservation, but there are some designated safe areas. Check specific rules before going.

  8. Litchfield National Park: Similar to Kakadu, some areas allow dogs on a leash. The waterfalls and natural pools make it refreshing in the warmer months.

  9. Darwin and Surroundings: There are trails and parks in Darwin and nearby areas, like George Brown Botanic Gardens and coastal areas. 


Tasmania (TAS) 

  1. Mayfield Bay Coastal Reserve: Discover the hidden gem of Mayfield Bay Coastal Reserve, offering breathtaking views of Freycinet National Park and The Hazards. With a dog-friendly beach at the northern end, there's plenty of space for your furry friend to run, play, and cool off. Plus, camping is available right on the beach for an extended stay surrounded by nature.

  2. Sisters Beach: Enjoy a tranquil coastal experience at Sisters Beach, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and leisurely walks with your dog. Explore the nearby Rocky Cape National Park for wildlife sightings and unwind at the designated off-leash areas on the beach. Don't forget your picnic essentials for a paw-some day out.

  3. Kingston Dog Beach: Located in Hobart, Kingston Dog Beach offers stunning views and plenty of open space for your furry friend to roam and play. With designated areas for on and off-leash walking, thoughtful amenities like water bowls and poop bags make it a hit among dog owners. Join the friendly atmosphere for some quality bonding time with your pup.

Exploring these dog-friendly hiking trails in Australia is not only a great way to keep you and your furry friend fit but also a wonderful opportunity to bond and create lasting memories together.


Grab your hiking gear, including your trusty Dog Hike Essentials, leash up your pup, and hit the trails for an unforgettable adventure in the beauty of the Australian outdoors! Whether you're exploring lush bushlands or stunning coastal views, having the right equipment ensures that you and your furry friend can enjoy a safe and comfortable hike together. 


Remember to play by the rules and keep your pup under control for a ripper time. Respect local rules and keep your dog leashed when necessary.
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Happy hiking, mates! 🐶🐾🌲