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AboutCamping is a startup based out of Melbourne-Australia, our mission is to create a community of passionate campers and provide them with valuable resources, tips, and recommendations to enhance their camping journeys. We're more than just a camping business - we're a hub for all things camping-related, where campers can connect, learn, and be inspired.


With our extensive knowledge of camping destinations, equipment, and outdoor activities, we curate content that will inspire and inform you on every aspect of your camping experience. From choosing the right gear to exploring hidden gems off the beaten path, we've got you covered.


But our mission goes beyond just providing information. We strive to foster a sense of environmental responsibility, encouraging campers to leave no trace and protect the beauty of our natural surroundings. We believe in sustainable practices and the importance of preserving the wilderness for generations to come.


Join our vibrant community of campers, share your stories and insights, and let’s embark on the adventure of a lifetime together. So grab your tent, pack your gear, and let's embrace the thrill of the outdoors with AboutCamping!



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🌲"Discover, Connect, Thrive in the Great Outdoors!"

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