5-30M Dia.4mm Parachute Cord Lanyard Camping Climbing Hiking

Introducing the Dia.4mm Parachute Cord Lanyard - your trusty companion for outdoor adventures!   Hello to all you camping and climbing enthusiasts out there! We know that when you're out in the wild, every piece of gear counts. Whether it's scaling cliffs or setting up camp deep in the wilderness,...
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Introducing the Dia.4mm Parachute Cord Lanyard - your trusty companion for outdoor adventures!


Hello to all you camping and climbing enthusiasts out there! We know that when you're out in the wild, every piece of gear counts. Whether it's scaling cliffs or setting up camp deep in the wilderness, having the right tools can make all the difference. That's where our versatile 5-30M Dia. 4mm 7 Stand Parachute Cord Lanyard comes into play. It's not just a rope; it's your trusty companion for outdoor adventures.

 5-30M Dia.4mm Parachute Cord Lanyard Camping Climbing Hiking


Product Description

Prepare to meet your new outdoor essential - the Paracord Lanyard Dia.4mm. This isn't just any cord; it's a multi-purpose, high-quality companion designed to meet the demands of camping, climbing, hiking, and survival scenarios.



Details Matter

  • Type: Paracord 550 Rope
  • Length: 5 meters, 15 and 30 meters
  • Rope Material: Polyester
  • Rope Standard: 7 inner strands
  • Minimum breaking strength: 550lb / 249kg
  • Outdoor Tools: Parachute Cord
  • Outdoor Activity: Camping, Hiking, Climbing
  • Diameter: 4mm
  • Camping Rope: Tent Accessories
  • Accessory Type: Rope


    5-30M Dia.4mm Parachute Cord Lanyard Camping Climbing Hiking

    Dia.4mm Parachute Cord Lanyard 

    This outdoor camping equipment survival kit is a game-changer. It can be disassembled and used as a rope in a variety of situations, from trailers to first aid. Crafted with materials as corrosion-resistant and long-lasting as marine ropes, you can trust its durability. The single rope pulling force is approximately 550lb or 249kg min strength, showcasing its robustness.



    Versatile Utility

    • Uses: Winding handle, stick handle, body sticks, nunchaku connection rope, bow and arrow wrapped with a rope, field strapping equipment, tent rope, clothesline, and more.

    Please note that it's suitable for general purposes and not intended for extreme sports or heavy loads. Choose from multiple color options to suit your style and needs.



    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    1. What's the length of this cord? It's 5 meters long, making it a versatile and practical choice.

    2. What material is the cord made of? The cord is constructed from durable polyester.

    3. What's the rope diameter? It has a diameter of 4mm, offering a balance of strength and flexibility.

    4. What's the minimum breaking strength of this cord? It boasts a breaking strength of 550lb / 249kg.

    5. What are the primary uses of this paracord? It's ideal for DIY projects like bracelets, necklaces, belts, and outdoor applications like tent ropes and clotheslines.

    6. Is this cord suitable for extreme sports or heavy loads? No, it's designed for general purposes and moderate use.

    7. Do you offer different lengths or colors? Yes, we have 5-meter, 15-meter, and 30-meter options, and various colors available.

    8. What kind of projects can I undertake with this cord? You can use it for crafting, securing gear, and more - your imagination is the limit!

    9. Is this cord resistant to corrosion and aging? Yes, it's as resilient as marine ropes.


    Elevate your outdoor adventures with the 5-30M Dia.4mm Parachute Cord Lanyard Camping Climbing Hiking


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    Grab yours now and prepare for your next thrilling escapade!

     Dia.4mm Parachute Cord Lanyard Camping Climbing Hiking



     Dia.4mm Parachute Cord Lanyard




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